Jute Bags

Jute, also known as ‘Hessian’, is another eco-friendly fabric that is completely biodegradable, unlike it’s plastic counterparts. This means that these bags will harmlessly and naturally decompose, without spreading the toxins that the widespread single-use plastic bags spread, avoiding pollution and the harming of our wildlife. Jute is 100% organic, and grows at a faster rate than cotton, without the use of special chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Jute does not call for further irrigation, either, as it is grown on land that is unsuitable for our foods. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you choose Jute to advertise your business, identifying you as a socially responsible organization? They are one of the best materials for the Earth, reusable, strong and shape-holding, and can be made into beautiful designs to fit your company.

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UK Carry Bag Long Handle


This UK carry bag has a long jute handle that fits over the shoulder.

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