Fair Trade Cotton

Fair-Trade cotton is all about fair and decent working conditions and improved trade in developing countries. Having bags that are labeled as fair-trade will show your customers that you care about the working conditions your product emerges from and shows that your value ethical and fair workplaces. Only farmers who have their Fair-Trade Accreditation can grow cotton under the Fair-Trade label, and only manufacturers who run socially-compliant factories can create these bags. There is no child labor, no forced overtime and no harmful pesticides, fertilizers or toxic waste going into your quality products.

Using our reusable eco-safe bags promote your business identifies you as a socially responsible organization, playing your part in the worldwide campaign to rid the planet of plastic shopping bags.

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Messenger Bag


Natural Unbleached FAIR TRADE Cotton Calico 150gsm

From $4.06

Messenger Bag


Black Dyed FAIR TRADE Cotton Calico 150gsm

From $5.65

Simple Shoulder


Natural Unbleached FAIR TRADE Cotton Calico 150gsm

From $4.16